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Us?  In the shop its just me.  I bought a little desktop CNC mill several years ago to do a few personal projects and began to learn.  One day on a popular tackle making forum a well known mold maker made a big deal about how hard it is to make molds, and It got my attention.  I went out to my work shop and started making molds.  It took a while but eventually I made a mold that worked.  Then I made a few more, and posted some pictures.  I kept making molds for my own use, made molds for a few other people, and learned a little more.  Word of mouth spread and I then I did a collaborative project with a guy in Malaysia, Australia, and myself in the US.  It worked out.  It was still several years before I felt I was good enough to throw my hat in the ring and officially say I was in the mold making business.  It was a little over six (6) years from the time I made my first crude molds.  

For a brief time I was in the bait business under the name Yuma Tackle Company, but I found I liked making molds more than making baits so I shut down the bait company.  I also felt that some of my mold customers might feel uncomfortable if I was also in the bait business.  Essentially competing with my own customers.  That just didn't feel right.  Some of my most popular designs will be offered here in our "off the shelf" molds.  I'll be adding more as time goes along.  

My work passion is custom mold making so please give me a chance to bring your idea to life.  Yes its expensive compared to an off the shelf mold, but seeing your idea in the mouth of that next trophy fish can be worth it.  

I am intrigued with other work as well.  Sometimes I get request to make molds for all kinds of things not related to the tackle industry.  Circuit board encapsulation, skate board wheels, and other things.  


  • I've got a wife of I've been with for a couple decades, and two grown children.  They were all my main passion for many years, but as I've gotten older that is now a gentle background to everything else.  
  • I love to fish.  I believe fishing beats not fishing, and catching beats not catching.  If I am catching what I planned to catch on what I planned to catch it with that just makes it better.  
  • I've had a passion for motorcycles, but I don't ride as often as I used to.  A bad wreck in 2003 took the wind right out of my sales.  I still hop on and go for a ride a couple times a month, but I used to ride every day.  I would find a way to do what I needed from the seat of my bike when a truck would have been the better choice.  I still remember that passion and enjoy it.  
  • I like shooting, but I'm not a great shooter.  Hunting is pretty much limited to dove and quail these days with the occasional duck hunt thrown in for good measure.  A couple years ago I developed a bit of a passion for airguns, and have been hunting collared dove with a PCP rifle the last couple years.  
  • Machining.  Oddly enough I think of machining as much as a hobby as a trade.  I am mesmerized by perfect curls coming off a piece of metal on the lathe.  It still feels like magic to watch a CNC mill turn a raw piece of material into a recognizeable useable part.  


Bob La Londe
Owner - CNC Molds N Stuff



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Images and text on this site are the sole property of CNC molds N Stuff and may not be reproduced or reused without express permission.  

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